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The Ritual

I've tried to update all day yesterday but it was been a busy day of going out and
spending other people's money. Man you gotta love a job where you can go out
and spend other people's money all the time. Having a credit card with no
spending limit is nice too. Every time I turn in an expense report I wonder
if some bean counter is gonna come live with me for a week like in that one
X-Files episode. But no one ever does. I mean it's kinda hard to question
when someone buys $300 worth of plumbing parts that couldn't possibly be
used for a residential application. Anyway, this week I had to buy a DeWalt
drill, a Skil jigsaw and a Bosch router so we could take them apart and take
photos of them for the Carpentry book. Not real exciting things to buy but
hey, spending someone else's money is fun no matter what you have to buy.

Anyway, what I really wanted to post about was the Healing Ritual I did Wednesday
night for Okema WhiteHawk and Billy Wolf Eagle.

I was telling ryl Wednesday that I was trying to get into trance mode one
time and Motley Crue's "Wild Side" kept running through my brain. Well I've
been on this 80's pop/new wave kick lately and that damn song "Wild Wild
West" by Escape Club has been running through my brain for days. I was
hoping it would go away before the ritual but no dice. It probably has
something to do with not getting any sleep lately, being sick with some
gods-awful flu like stuff and my concentration being a little off but I
couldn't get the damn song out of my head. So I figured I'd go ahead and
start the ritual anyway. If I had to stop then I had to stop. Nothing I
could do about it.

So about Midnight I started getting ready. There was a pretty powerful storm
brewing outside and I planned to tap into it's energy to help the energy
travel the distance. It was one of those storms where you can virtually feel
the electricity in the air and you can taste that clean, metallic rain
taste. I knew this ritual was going to be powerful no matter what.

I wanted to make a medicine wheel to help channel the energy from the
various forces around me. Preferably I'd do this outside but as I was
already sick and the temp had dropped to about 37 outside I opted for an
inside ceremony. I went up to the studio and chose 33 stones for the wheel
and several others to be in direct contact with for the healing energy.

I got back downstairs and lit some candles and turned out the lights. I
opened my cedar feather box and got out my golden eagle feather, the Stone
of Light, the deer antler, the Coyote foot, the Owl feather which was the
gift from She Who Dances on the Wind, the Bundle of Sage, some Native
Tobacco that WhiteHawk gifted to me, a power bundle of corn and tobacco and
the piece of Honey Calcite which is the stone I use to connect to the Spirit
World. I smudged myself and all my gifts and tools with the sage and allowed
the smoke to fill up the room.

Then I set about constructing the Medicine Wheel. In the center of the room
I placed the huge piece of calcite I was gifted from the stream last winter
this represented Mother Earth. Around her I placed seven smaller stones.
Azurite for Water. Opal for Air. Calcite for Fire. Selenite of Earth.
Celestite for Father Sky. Moonstone for Sister Moon. A Calcite Geode for
Mother Earth. In the four cardinal directions about four feet from the inner
circle I placed the stones for the four Spirit Keepers. Citrine in the East.
Smoky Quartz in the North. Garnet in the West. Green Fluorite in the South.
Between these to round out the circle, I placed 12 stones which represent
the 12 Moons of the Year. Among these were Quartz, Moss Agate, Coral, River
Stone, A Quartz Geode, Pipestone, Ryolite and Copal. Then with the other 20
stones I made pathways from the Spirit Keepers back to the Inner Circle.
Among these were Yellow Calcite, Aventurine, Opal, Hematite, Tiger Eye,
Amethyst, Pyrite, Selenite Roses, Rose Quartz, Agate and Jasper.

I placed the burning Sage in a large Abalone Shell and with the Eagle
Feather, I smudged the entire Wheel. I then stood at the West and faced East
and raised the shell and made a smoke offering to Father Sky and Sister
Moon. I lowered the shell and made an offering to Mother Earth. Then I
turned to each of the directions, East, West, North, South and made
offerings to them. Finally I made an offering to the Spirit within.

Next I took the Sage out of the Shell and placed it aside so it could
continue to smolder. Into the Shell I placed my Healing Stones; Black
Tourmaline for Protection, Green Calcite and Phrenite for Purification and
Prosperity, Sugilite to help rid the Body of the Cancer and ease Anxiety,
Blue Opal for elimination of Toxins, Peridot to absorb Negative Energy,
Citrine to ease Anxiety and Fear, Sunstone to help Balance the Energy
Centers, Selenite to Transmit the Energy, and the Power Bundle to help the
energy find the one who gifted it to me.

Standing then. I faced the East and asked Eagle who is the Spirit of the East to grant me assistance and to take my prayers to the Great Spirit. I allowed myself to recieve the Gift of the East. Turning South, I asked Mouse for Innocence and Humiltiy. I allowed myself to recieve these gifts from the South. Turning West, I asked Bear to grant me Introspection and the Courage to trust my inner voice. I allowed myself to receive the gifts of the West. Finally, turning North, I asked Buffalo to grant me the Wisdom to apply all the gifts I had recieved from Eagle, Mouse and Bear. I allowed myself to recieve the gift of the North. Afterwards, I placed a gift of Tobacco beneath the major stones on the Wheel to further strengthen the Energy of the Ritual.

Now, taking my tools and gifts, I seated myself in the Northwest quadrant of the Medicine Wheel facing the Southeast as I wanted the energy to travel from where I was in Illinois to Lenoir, NC. I placed the Coyote foot over my right knee and asked Brother Coyote for his assistance and Good Medicine. I placed the Owl Feather from She Who Dances on the Wind on my left knee and asked for her assistance and Wisdom. I picked up the Stone of Light and held it reverently, feeling it's inner energy warm in my hands. I held it to my lips and spoke to it, asking it to be a conduit to allow all the energy from the sources around me to flow into me. I placed it against my third eye to allow my essence to flow into it. Suddenly I got an image of the interior of a cavern with huge jagged pillars of Quartz sticking up from the floor and hanging down from the ceiling. I pulled the Stone away. Something to explore later. I placed the Stone of Light on my crossed legs facing outward. I picked up the Honey Calcite and asked it to allow me to connect with the Spirit World for their assistance. Then I placed the stone atop my head. I reached for the Abalone Shell which contained the Healing Stones. I held it in both hands and closed my eyes and tried to empty my mind of all distractions, even that damned 80's song. I felt my muscles gradually relax and allowed my mind to fill with darkness. I visualized Okema WhiteHawk sitting beside a bed in a hospital. She was holding the hand of a grey-haired man who was lying on the bed. He was a strong looking man in good shape. It was easy to see they were brother and sister. This was obviously Billy Wolf Eagle though I've never met him. When all thoughts and images had faded except for these two people, I raised the Shell in my hands to chest level and held it out to the Southeast. I felt the energy of the Spirit World filtering into me from the top of my head and setting my skin atingle. I could feel the energy from the Medicine Wheel all around me and the energy from the Storm and the rest of my environment flowing into me through the Stone of Light. I allowed all the energy to come together in my outstretched hands. I could feel my hands growing hot with all the energy that was collecting. So I allowed the energy to flow into the shell and mix with the latent energy of the stones inside. Finally I willed the energy to flow through the Selenite wand and out through the air. I visualized it shooting out from me in a broad arch of glistening light and travelling the distance from me to my two patients. The energy gathered about them and cloaked them. It filled WhiteHawk's mind and allowed the tension to ease from her shoulders. It completely encased Wolf Eagle's body and the purple light of the Sugilite centered around the area of the Cancer. The golden light of the Sunstone gradually filled him and brought his energy centers into closer harmony with each other. I kept up the connection until I felt the energy wane and slowly I brought the shell down to my lap. I set it aside and just allowed myself to bask in the lingering energy.

Remembering the images I'd seen earlier, I raised the Stone of Light to my Third Eye again. Almost instantly, I could feel it's energy flowing into me. An image appeared in my mind, a vision. I was simply myself in this vision, though others in the vision seemed to know I was there. The area around me was a desert. For miles around there was nothing but low sand dunes. In front of me on the horizon was a series of jagged mountain peaks of some kind of greyish black rock, maybe basalt. In fact, they reminded me of the volcanic cones like Ship Rock in New Mexico and Arizona. The desert reminded me slightly of the Great Sand Dunes National Monument, near where I went to undergrad school in Colorado. The sun was bright and high in the sky. The sky itself was a clear azure blue with white fluffy clouds drifting by. Coyote was there trotting along ahead of me and off to my right. She Who Dances on the Wind was there, flying a bit closer to me and almost hovering in the air to my left. She was looking past me to something on my right. I looked at Coyote and he looked back at me then turned his head to the right, directing my gaze to what looked like the opening to a cave. The cave was a low hill of bare grey rock partially obscured by a sand dune. The opening was semi-circular and black inside. Just inside and around the opening were encrusted crystals which showed up white and gleaming in the bright light. It looked almost like a huge geode that had been cut open and laid on it's side. I approached the cave and was not really apprehensive about it but something kept pulling me back from going inside. It was almost like the scene was being rewound and I kept returning to my starting spot. I glanced back at my two guides and they were still looking at the cave as if telling me to go inside. Finally I just willed myself inside. Once inside there was nothing trying to pull me back. I couldn't see them but I knew my guides were with me. Just behind me most likely. The interior of the cave was dark but as I walked forward, a faint light gradually illuminated the area around me. It was almost like I had one of those miners lights with me though I knew I didn't. I suppose it could have been the Stone of Light casting the glow. In any event, wherever I turned my head is where the glow would go. Inside, the floor was dirt with a few rocks strewn about. The walls were irregular and grey with no markings that I could see. The air was cool and damp but it was not too cold. As I walked forward there was nothing but silence to greet me. There was about 9 feet between the walls of the cave and the ceiling was above my head though I could reach up and touch it. Forward from me the walls narrowed then suddenly widened again. Here, about 60 feet into the cave was a split where the cave went off in two separate directions. Instinctively I knew the cavern I'd seen earlier was down the cave to the right. The cave to the left I could sense was filled with a series of interior rooms though what was in those rooms I did not know. I stood there for awhile considering which direction I should take. I was leaning toward going down and to the right but before I could start moving again, the vision faded and I knew I was back in my living room sitting inside the Medicine Wheel. I could feel the Stone of Light still pressed to my Third Eye and I reluctantly drew it away and opened my eyes. Slowly the feeling of being inside my own skin returned to me and I was able to rise to my feet. I bent and touched the Mother Earth stone in the center of the Wheel and thanked Mother Earth for her blessings. I looked to the sky and thanked Father Sky and Sister Moon. In turn I thanked the East, South, West and North and the Spirit Within and then sat for a moment of silence.

Afterward, I took apart the Medicine Wheel and returned my tools to their Cedar box. I took all the stones back to the studio and the ones I had used for the healing I placed in a bath of Lightning Water to dispel any negative energy they may have absorbed and to help them recharge.

Then I went back downstairs and made a big cup of hot Early Grey tea and sat down to contemplate all that had happened.




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