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The Great Election Day Pie Party

Check out Mr. Politician in his suit and tie. But when the doors are closed there ain't nothin' he won't try
Meanwhile Mr. Medicine's treating his best friend's wife
Tipper led the war against the record industry. She said she saw the devil on her MTV
To look into the cabinet. It takes more than a key
Just like Jimmy's skeletons. And his ministry!

Well tomorrow is Election Day as everyone knows. Some of you North Carolinians have even voted already although that still sounds like some kind of underground plot to overthrow the government to me. I'm still not telling who I'm voting for. Mostly because I still haven't decided. However, I am leaning more towards Gore now since he seems to have stronger opinions about helping family farmers (like me) stay in business. Oh well, I'll probably be begind the curtain in the morning flipping a coin.

We here in my department have decided to use Election Day as yet another excuse to eat. So tomorrow, after voting in my tiny hamlet of Woodstock Township, I will proceed to Roger's Bakery to pick up no less than six fresh baked pies and 2 dozen cookies. Pies will be the following: Coconut Creme, Peach, Pumpkin, Pecan, Gooseberry and Apricot. Another photo editor got a wild hair and decided to bake and apple pie as well. The two dozen apricot chew cookies are to pay off a possible loss on a bet. If Gore wins, yet another photo editor will owe me a dozen jelly donuts but if Bush wins, I owe her 2 dozen apricot chews. I look at it this way, WHEN Gore wins, I will not only get a dozen donuts but also 2 dozen cookies to myself.

We've already had one casualty preparing for his event. Yesterday, Lovely Lori, the photo editor wh o si going to owe me a dozen donuts broke her foot when she dropped a 5 lb can of pumpkin on it while grocery shopping. Oh, the trials we must face for our food! Now we just need some whipped creme and some ice cream and we'll be all set.

I can't wait.



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