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The Key

OK, here is the answer key and the point system for each question. The contest is officially over. No one got them all right but in the interest of fairness, whoever got the most points will win. At this point everyone that entered looks to have a fair shot.

1. What musically significant event happened on December 8, 1980? A: John Lennon was assasinated -1 point

2. Name 4 bands who started in the 80's and who are still together and making music today. Doesn't have to be the original lineups but it does have to be a band that had it's first big hits in the 80's. People like Billy Joel or Bob Seger or Meatloaf don't count because they had made names for themselves in the 70's already. A: There were several choices for this one and I gave almost everyone points if they named at least 4. Among these are U2, Ratt, Quiet Riot, Poison, Motley Crue, Depeche Mode, Bon Jovi and the list goes on and on - 4 points

3. Name 4 songs covered by Guns 'n' Roses in the 80's. OK, this can spill over into the 90's a little. A: Again, lots to choose from and I gave you full credit if you named 4. Live and Let Die, Sympathy for the Devil, Dust in the Wind, Knockin on Heaven's Door, etc, etc - 4 points

4. Name 4 genres of popular music that primarily developed in the 80's. I realize several genres had their roots in the 70's but I'm looking for genres that became mainstays in the 80's. A: Lots to choose from here, New Wave, Rap, Funk, Ska - 4 points

5. Name an individual artist or band that was part of each of the genres named in the previous question. A: If you named them i gave you credit. The list is endless. -4 points

6. Name the first video played on MTV. A: Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles - 1 point even if you spelled it wrong.

7. What was the date MTV officially went on the air. A: August 1, 1981 (I was watching along with the other people lucky enough to have cable) - 1 point

8. Name 3 of the original MTV VJ's. A: There were 5 originals according to MTV. They are Martha Quinn, JJ Jackson, Alan Hunter, Mark Goodman and Nina Blackwood. -3 points

9. Name 4 John Hughes movies released in the 80's which featured quirky high school kids. A: Again, a bunch of possibles here. Wierd Science, The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Some Kind of Wonderful, Ferris Buellers Day off...-4 points

10. Name at least one hit song that came from the soundtrack of each of the movies named in the previous question. A: Lots to choose from: Don't you forget about my by Simple Minds of course from the Breakfast Club (I used to do the breakfast club look in the 80's, fingerless gloves, long wool trenchcoat and on and on) Wierd Science from Wierd Science. I gave points for all songs answered because basically I'm too lazy to look up all the soundtracks. - 4 points

11. What was the name of the fictional town in Illinois used as a setting for many of those movies? A: Shermer, Illinois though most were filmed around Chicago. I didn't know Shermer wasn't real until I moved back to Illinois in 94. Almost all John Hughes movies have some tie in to Shermer. In Kevin Smith's movie Dogma, Jay makes the revealation that there is no Shermer in Illinois and actually pronounces the s at the end of Illionois. -1 point

12. Name 4 movie stars whose careers started in the 80's. By this I mean, actors who achieved their first big commercial success in the 80's. A: Bunches possible here. Tom Cruise, Nick Cage, Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, Rob Lowe, Robert Downey Jr., Dermot Mulroney...-4 points

13. What similar events occurred on January 20, 1981 and January 20, 1989?A: I would have accepted presidential innaugurations or the innaugurations of Reagan and Bush. -1 point

14. In 1979/80 the Sugarhill Gang released what trully annoying song which really put Rap music on the charts. A: Rappers Delight - 1 point

15. Fill in the blanks to complete these really annoying 80's sayings/slogans:

Where's the Beef?
Go Ahead, Make My Day!
Take off, you Hoser! From Bob and Doug McKenzie
Gag me with a spoon!
I'm a Pepper. You're a Pepper. Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?
Just say No.

6 points

16. Name an indispensable item of clothing for a "preppie" in the 80's. A: Several (I was a preppy just long enough to get into some girl's pants. Then I went back to being a freak), Izod Shirts, Khaki pants, Argyle sweaters tied over the shoulders, those damned leather topsider shoes or penny loafers. -1 point

17. Name three video game systems that came out before Nintendo. A: Several to choose from. Atari (Which I owned), Intellivision, Collecovision, TeleStar...-3 points

18. What year did Luke and Laura get married on the soap opera General Hospital? A: 1981 (I rushed home from High school to see it, yet another ploy to get into a girls pants). -1 point

19. What was Jenny's phone number from the song by Tommy Tutone? A: 867-5309 (people who have that number are still getting calls) -1point

20. What kind of shoes did Jeff Spicolli like to wear in the movie, Fast Times at Ridgemont High?A: Nope, not Converse Allstars. His shoes were Vans. He hit himself in the head with one and said "I'm so wasted!" The Vans company even named a shoe after him- The Spicolli. -1 point

21. What were the movie ratings before PG-13 and NC-17 came out? A: G, PG, R and X. There is really no distinction between X and XXX. -4 points

22. What was said to happen if you ate a packet of pop-rocks and drank a Coke? A: Your stomach would explode, or you would spontaneously combust. Several variations on that. - 1 point

23. Name two of the big benefit concerts held in the 80's. A: Several possibilities, Among them : USA for Africa, Live Aid, Band Aid. - 2 points

24. Name one of the songs made popular by one of these benefit concerts. A: We are the World (We are the Wierd) was the most popular I think. -1 point if you named one.

25. Name 3-80's songs that were actually cover songs and name the original artist who did the song. Example - China Girl by A-ha which was originally done by Iggy Pop. A: Tons of choices. I gave you credit if you named any. - 3 points

26. Name the last Van Halen album which featured David Lee Roth as the frontman. A: 1984 - 1 point

27. Several times in your life people will ask you, "Do you remember what you were doing when_______?" One such event occurred on January 28, 1986. What was it. You can tell what you were doing at the time if you want. A: The Challenger Explosion - I was sitting in a bar in Red River, NM drinking and illegal beer as I was not yet 21. - 1 point

28. What year was New Coke introduced? A: 1985 (And then quickly switched to Classic Coke which is still not the same recipe. Ahh What ever happened to the Coke that really ahd Cocaine syrup in it?) - 1 point

29. In 1986, Vice President George Bush was quoted as saying he hated what vegetable, prompting millions of pounds of it to be sent to the White House? A: Broccoli (No wonder the FBI has a file on me!) -1 point

30. Who was the first African American to host a nightly talk show? A: Arsenio Hall - 1 point

31. What event happened on November 9, 1989 that symbolicly marked a new era for world politics? A: The fall of the Berlin Wall (I have two pieces of the wall in my collection) -1 point

32. What did American troops use to drive Manuel Norriega from hiding during the 1989 Panama invasion? A: Loud blaring Rock Music. Very few got this right. - 1 point

33. On June 3, 1989 where did Chinese students protest? A: Tianemen Square (probably spelled that wrong) -1 point.

34. What year did the final episode of M*A*S*H* air? A: 1983, one person even got the right date. - 1 point

35. What date was Black Monday? A: October 19, 1987 - 1 point

36. Name 3 arcade video games from the 80's. You know, the ones you put quarters in at the mall. A: Tons of these. My favorite three were Space Invaders, Space Zap and Galaga. - 3 points

37. Who was the girl Bruce Springsteen pulled up on-stage during his Dancing in the Dark video? She's probably as famous as he is now. A: Courtney Cox - 1 point

38. On what Def Leppard album did Rick Allen first play with only one arm? A: Hysteria - 1 point

39. Where did the band name Duran Duran come from? A: From the movie Barbarella with Jane Fonda running around nearly naked and screwing every alien in sight. Duran Duran was the doctor she was looking for. -1 point

40. In 1983, a new type of music media was introduced. By 1988, it was outselling vinyl albums. What was it? A: CD's (My first one was Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell to replace my vinyl album when my turntable died) -1 point

41. What two bands merged to form Guns 'n' Roses? A: LA Guns and Hollywood Roses. I'm told LA Guns still tours. - 2 points.

Now I'll have to go figure out who won. If I don't have time tonight, I'll let everyone know early tomorrow morning.




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Nov. 8th, 2001 06:38 pm (UTC)
*pictures Wander's wardrobe in the 80's*

*lab assistant calls 911 when Ryl passes out laughing*

*CPR effectively administered*

Nov. 9th, 2001 05:37 am (UTC)
Having met Wander I can tell you his wardrobe hasn't been updated since the 80s. LoL.


Nov. 9th, 2001 07:59 am (UTC)
You are one to talk you freak.



Nov. 9th, 2001 08:06 am (UTC)


Nov. 9th, 2001 07:57 am (UTC)
Let's see, 80's wardrobe-

79-82 Mostly freakware, jeans, denim vests and jackets, long hair, western boots or hiking boots and the occasional pair of moccassins. T-shirts or flannel (long before grunge).

83 - The Preppy year. Khaki pants. Izod shirts or oxford shirts in various disgusting shades of pink and green. deck shoes and the requisite argyle sweater tied around my shoulders. Hair cut short. Oh yeah, and a Member's Only jacket. Hey, it worked, I got laid.

84- The chick dumped me for a military cadet at VA Military Institute. The year of college wear. Painters pants, surf shirts, those stupid painters caps with the brim turned up. Drank my way out of VA Tech.

Summer of 84 - Dressed like Duran Duran when I wasn't working. Remember parachute pants? I had 2 pair. Long trench coat. Black cheap sunglasses. Panama hats. Got my first ear piercing that summer by some chick who hels a cork on the back of my ear and shoved a piercing stud through the flesh. Still have that one.

85 - I looked like someone out of a John Hughes movie. Tight jeans, denim vest, lots of buttons, fingerless leather gloves, red Converse "Chucks" High tops, a black greek fishermans cap (still own that). Got another pierce in my left ear. Did it myself with a piercing stud this time. Then for the hell of it and to be different, pierced my right ear which led to an endless stream of gay men trying to pick me up. I think I even owned a pair of boots like Prince used to wear. Thin high heels on men...not a good thing.

86-89 - Moved out west and pretty much dressed like a cowboy for the rest of the decade. I've got pictures, wanna see them?

Nov. 9th, 2001 09:14 am (UTC)
*puts earlier cycle on infinite loop*
Nov. 9th, 2001 09:22 am (UTC)
I'll put them on my server when I go home at lunch and post them this afternoon.


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