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The weekend

Kind of a wierd weekend. The winter blues have set in somewhat. I spent a good portion of the weekend feeling sorry for myself for no reason except blaming myself for fucking up big parts of my life. It's because it's been greay for a few days. No sun, cold and rainy. I always get like this when the weather gets bad in the winter. I did get some things done though. Made some jewelry and changed the implement on the tractor over from the mower to the snow blade. I think we'll probably have much more use for the blade than the mower until Spring. Also, the tire went flat on it so I asked Rob to take it over to Farm Services for me and get it repaired so I can fix it when I'm back at the farm tomorrow night before heading to NC this weekend.

I had dreams all weekend. Which is odd because I generally don't dream, of course it could have something to do with getting close to Winter Solstice. None of them seemed really telling though they were all vivid. Having a reunion with people I worked on a ranch with. My thesis advisor and another professor offering me a fellowship to study geology of all things.

I did however have a couple of interesting visions. On Saturday, while watching TV, a spirit of some kind passed right between me and the TV and disappeared into the corner of the room. Now, I've seen my Grandma's spirit on more than a few occasions. In fact several people have. I got the impression this was not her though. I couldn't see parts of it. What I saw was about 6 feet tall at the shoulder and kind of stooped over frontward so I was seeing the curve of the back, the shoulder and the top of the head. These parts were sort of a translucent white that faded as it went lower. As I looked down I could see things like the seams of a shirt and then nothing near the floor. I saw it for just a few seconds and it was gone. I was eating a bowl of stew at the time and I just kind of sat there quietly waiting to see if something else would come out but nothing did. I didn't get any bad feelings from it. It shouldn't really surprise be that I would see anything because not only did Grandma Elizabeth die there but so did her brother George, her husband Fred, Her father William Harrison Kinsey and her mother Delia May.

The next vision I had was Saturday night. About 9:30, I decided to go to the grocery store in town. It closes at 10 PM. It was raining pretty hard and cold. On the way back, the headlights shown on a patch of red blood soaking into the highway. Now normally if you pass over an animal that has been killed, you see it for just a second. This I saw for about 10 seconds and I was going 60 or better. I was just mesmerized by it because I knew I couldn't possibly be seeing a bloodstain that big. At a certain point, it just sort of faded and was gone. Nothing else happened that night except for the vivid dreams so I don't know what any of it means. I would think the blood has to mean something though.

Starhawk had a dream last week of Moon Dancer getting a big cut on her arm and having to be taken to the ER. She said it was out back of a two story white house near some woods. Sound's a lot like the farm.

Here are a couple pieces of jewelry I finished recently. The first is the prize that stellar83 won for my 80's quiz.

The second is a necklace and earring combo I did for someone here in my office which I think came out particularly nice:

Now back to work on another dreary Monday.

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