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Just another winter day in the Midwest

To all the folks in NC who are getting snow.....Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha! If you like it then good for you. If not, too bad. I'm actually pretty happy we haven't goten snow yet here. Well a skiff here and there but nothing major. In fact, we could go all winter with no snow and it would suit me fine. As long as we get rain in the spring we will be all right. I like snow. But I like it when it snows and then melts off in a couple days. If you like that kind of snow then the midwest is not the place for you. Usually when we get a heavy snow, it hangs around for weeks and just makes the already depressing winter, that much more depressing. I liked it in Colorado when it would snow really deep. Then the sun would come out and you would get snow blind from the brightness of it all. It would hang around for months sometimes but at least the sun would be out most of the time as well.

In Illiniois, if we get a deep snow, chances are it will turn grey and cloudy for weeks on end. Not a good thing for those of use with Seasonal Affective Disorder. I've never actually been diagnosed with that but I have all the symptoms just the same. How my ancestors ever survived midwestern winters for long enough to help settle this region, I'll never know. They were made of stronger stuff than I if they could make it through those hard winters without offing themselves and their families with an axe.

Anyway, enjoy your snow while it lasts. I'm just glad it wasn't us.

Now, In response to comments on the post I made last night. Some posts I make private but not very often. For the posts on my path work, I've made a select friends group to recieve them. Most things I post I leave public. Sometimes like last night, I make a Friends Only post. I don't do this lightly. The subject matter was a little sensitive. If I have you on my friends list it's because I think I can trust you to read my journal and keep it to yourselves. If anyone on my Friends list would ever breach that security and try to tell people mentioned in my Journal in real life what I've said about them, there would be severe repercussions.

By this, I don't mean just banning you from my journal. I mean, you better live in a place so remote that neither me nor my nationwide network of friends and associates can't get to you. I don't take breaches of confidence lightly and in extreme cases, I don't believe in simply letting the person's karma catch up to them. Karma can be a bitch but so can I. It aint a threat. It's a promise. If I can't trust you to keep what I say in a Friend's Only Post to yourselves then kindly let me know right now so I can remove you from my Friends List.

I will repeat a quote from my personal philosophy. This first said by John Wayne - "I will not be wronged. I will not be insulted and I will not be laid a hand upon. I don't do these things to other men and and I require the same from them!"

Don't wrong me and I won't wrong you.

Nuff said.


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