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Last two days and a mystery to be solved

Wednesday night was fun if not a tad hectic. I left work and went to Schnucks,
the ultra-huge super market here in Peoria. I hate huge supermarkets for the
same reason I hate cities.Too many people all looking out for themselves and
not a drop of organization. I swear it takes and act of Congress just to
find a simple item in that store. Luckily most of my items were on the same
isle but someone tell me why raisins are found in the produce section and
not in the cooking or beter yet, the cereal section?

I had to get all the ingredients for the three Australian Desserts I'd
chosen to make for last night's meeting. Lamingtons, Anzac Bisquits and Rock
Cakes. I now know that Castor suger is ultra fine baking sugar, Sultanas
are golden raisins and golden syrup is corn syrup. It took me like an hour
to find everything though. Deb was supposed to go to Target and get baking
pans and a present for her mom which she had not bought prior to Christmas
and we were to rendezvous at home and get the shrimp scampe ready so we
could eat when her mom showed up.

So I got home toting my $40 worth of ingredients to find that when she was
at Target she found that her Check Card had expired and she didn't have any
way to pay for the present or the pans. I told her if she put the groceries
away and covered for me, I'd go back up to Target and buy the present. So I
did and then came back home. Her mom was there by then.

Normally when her mom comes over, I'm checking my watch to see when she will
leave but last night was fun. We gave her a cordless phone with caller ID
and answering machine (newly purchased from Target and wrapped by me in the
parking lot) and a bottle of Duplin County (NC) wine I'd gotten there on my
trip in December. She was happy.

She gave Deb a nice flannel robe and a really nice wool sweater though I think it makes her look like the Queen of Hearts from one of those animated Alice in Wonderland movies.

She gave me a pair of flannel lounging pant's and a really nice burgundy colored heavy chamois shirt. She even got the size right, extra-large-tall. If I try to wear just extra large, the sleeves are always too short.

I love the fact I'm so loved by her family. They get me some of the nicest things. Deb's father and stepmom gave me a super nice Wrangler western shirt with real pearl snap buttons and extra long tails and sleeves.

We had out shrimp scampe and some Duplin County Scuppernong White wine. Her Mom hung out for awhile just chatting while I started making the desserts which turned into a mini-party of sampling the desserts as I finished them. I didn't finish baking and preparing everything until well past midnight. Then Deb and i watched Point Break for awhile and went to bed around 2 am. For some reason my alarm went off at 6:30 but I kept hitting the snooze and sleeping through and didn't wake up until 8:20. Hello, I have to be at work by 8:30. So no shower and called my boss with some lame excuse that the power had gone out and I would be late and then hurrying to find some clothes and get to work. I actually got there by 8:50 so it really wasn't a problem. Both bosses were in high-level meetings with the Corporate Execs from Ohio all day anyway.

Worked all day and then went to my meeting last night where my desserts were very well recieved and everyone wanted the recipes. I told them next month since it's Chinese New Year, I'd be baking fortune cookies with my own messages in them and some other things. So if anyone has any good recipes for Chinese desserts, let me know.

When I got home, Deb had taped the 3 hour Survivor finale for me. I hate all the other reality shows but I've more or less bonded to Survivor for some reason. I was kinda turned off by the first tow incarnations because of all the back-stabbing and pettiness going on but I've liked Survivor Africa so much more. partly because of being able to identify with the whole tribal origins thing going on but mostly because many of these folks seemed so much more real and genuine. I could identify with them. Plus I also have the hots for that Theresa girl. The accent and the whole look just gets to me in a good way. I was happy with who won. The next one will take place in the Marquesas islands near Tahiti. I had an application in for the Africa one but I got it in too late. I'm going to apply for this one because it's more about actual survival as well as getting along with people. They are not going to give you and food, water or fire for this one. Everything you need is on the island which is something I've always believed in anyway. Everything you need to survive can be found in nature. I'll have to think of a cool video theme back in my woods I guess.

So now I just need to get through the day and head down to the farm tonight. I've got to cut some firewood this weekend and get it to my uncle for his wood stove. I think I'll do some exploring in my woods as well. I need to find out the secret of that place. After all, I've been given the stewardship of the forest so I might as well try to find out the secrets. I've told some people about the woods and they think there migh be an energy vortex there or at the very least, a place where you can see through the veil between the world of living humans and the world of spirits. Not all the time but sometimes when you go walking back there, you end up in a completely different place than what you know from experience is around the next bend.This can be quite disconcerting particularly when you get lost.

An old girlfriend of mine and I got lost out there about six years ago. After wandering around for hours in what seemd like familiar territory but never getting back to th place we started, we fianlly hopped a fence into a cornfield and ended up 3/4 of a mile from my house. I never did figure out again where I had jumped the fence at, even though I followed the fence all around the property again. Sometimes you will see a herd of deer go running away from you but try to follow them and they suddenly disappear into thin air. Rob and Robbie ahve been hunting back there and have seen a yellow farm house across the fence at the edge of a cornfield. I've seen it too on occasion. But when we go driving around to find the actual house, it's never there and we've driven all the roads around my property trying to find it. And it's not always there when you go to that spot in the woods either. It's quite the mystery but I hope that the spirits of the woods will help me find the answer if I just ask the right way.

Time to get back to work now.




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Jan. 11th, 2002 09:29 am (UTC)
I was pulling for Big Tom to win it.


Jan. 11th, 2002 01:06 pm (UTC)
Re: Survivor.
I just loved that guy. Big Ole Redneck makes it to the final four! Hoo Rah! Makes you kinda want to find Tom and get to know him doesn't it?


Jan. 11th, 2002 01:25 pm (UTC)
Re: Survivor.
Yeah he was a funny guy.


Jan. 11th, 2002 02:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Survivor.
Anyone who runs around in overalls and no shirt on National TV, you know they just don't give two shits what people think of them. My kinda people.


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