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Animal Medicine

Well after some contemplation and some reading, I've figured out what all my animal messengers are trying to tell me lately. Basically they are telling me to get serious about my healing again. Sometimes, I get too caught up in things of a non-spiritual nature and need a good swift kick in the ass to get me moving again. I meant to get into the woods last weekend to locate a good spot for my new medicine wheel and to create a place for meditation and journey-work but I found other things to occupy my time. But it appears the voices from the woods and the animal visitations are telling me to forget the physical for a bit and take a look at the spiritual again.

Coyote whom I've seen more than a few of recently and who is one of my main totems is reminding me not only to not take myself so seriously but also that the secrets I want to learn will no be revealed to me until I discard all my masks. This is a sort of shapeshifting which coyote is a master of. He is telling me that if I want to find the path to truth, I must cast off all pretenses and walk naked down the path of enlightenment. I'm famous for throwing up all sorts of walls and reasons for not completing things. That's funny because I'm one who hates to quit or not finish a project. That goes along with Coyote's dualistic nature as well. He's all about irony. He also teaches about balance betweeen risk and safety and lately I've been veering to far to one side or the other. Interesting though that both my main totems (Coyote and Owl) have the power of shapeshifting, something I'm becoming adept at.

Muskrat who I saw swimming toward me under the ice last week teaches the value of interspecies communication. I guess I need to listen to the animals for guidance more than I have been. He's also about adaptability and the abilty to reuse what others see as trash. I've been worried lately about buying new things like cars and computers and worried that I'd never be able to afford things with my present financial situation. But then I got to bring home my old computer from work which they would have thrown away hadI not taken it and it works just fine. As for the car, I spent part of last weekend giving my car the once over and I'm now more confident about making it last until the time I can aford to buy something a little newer. Muskrat also teaches us how to get through emotional turmoil and return home. I've felt myself going through this transition for awhile now. I'm hoping muskrat can help me with that if called upon.

Goose gave me a low fly over the other morning going into the office. Goose's message is particularly poignant. Goose is about moving along your spirit path. Again echoing Coyote's message. i've been stagnating for awhile. I've not expereinced any big revealations. I've not been keeping up with my meditations like I should. Goose's messae is to get moving again. Goose also teaches the value and ability to assist other's through their illness. The perfect kick in the ass for a healer. Goose's subtle message is to understand the value of community. That's something I've always shied away from. prefereing to be a loner. But there is only so much you can learn on your own. So maybe it's time for me to start something I've been thinking of, a community which is open to learning about healing and shamanism. I might even start an LJ community based on that to get things started. I've learned many good things from people like dragonfly and treeshaman and even from the questions of people like namaste21 so I'm sure there are more people on LJ whom I could learn from.

Red-tailed Hawk flew ou to greet me on my way to work this morning. At first I thought maybe it was just a greeting from my sister Starhawk but upon deeper reflection, I realize that Hawk's medicine includes messages from Spirit which goes along with what the others were saying. it's a big spiritual kick in the ass and reminder to keep going along my path and not stop for so long. Hawk teaches us the abiltiy to see clearly and look for details and also to see the larger picture. Hawk also teaches us to wisely use opportunities and to overcome obstacles.

Sounds like I've got some work ahead of me. My thanks to Coyote, Goose, Muskrat and Hawk for reminding me to get on with it. Too often we get caught up in trying to do everything for ourselves. Help is out there. All we have to do is ask for it. Part of asking though is knowing who to ask and knowing how to ask. We shouldn't ask an animal spirit for assistance in a particular area if that is not the particular animal's ability. Like wise there is help to be gotten from all the natural world around us. I get help all the time from the stones and there are those shamanists who get quite a bit of help from the world of plants and trees. There are also an infinite number of spirits out there just waiting to be asked.

I plan to do some journey work tonight and just see what happens. And this weekend if we don't get really bad weather, I'll get into the woods and see what the spirits there have to tell me. There is a meadow back there, among a cirlce of trees, well hidden from prying eyes that would makea good spot. Hauling rocks up from the creek might be a bit of an adventure but it doesn't all have to be done at once. I've seen the circle in dreams so now I just need to make it a reality.




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Jan. 16th, 2002 03:24 pm (UTC)
do you consider this a type of religion or culture, or what. i am serious. i enjoy researching ancient/other/anytype of culture or religion. it a hobby of mine when i have the time... i was curious as to what was out there and so i am learning. i would love it if you could tell me a little more about what you practice.. although i think i have somewhat of an idea from your post.

Jan. 16th, 2002 03:38 pm (UTC)
I'll do a more detailed post on it tomorrow but basically I believe in a spirit (called Spirit) that permeates all matter and all aspects of life. That spirit manifests itself in a variety of faces. From other people, to animal spirit guides, to rocks to buildings and etc. That is basically my religion. I am a Shaman and that is the way I practice my religion. To expand on that, I recognize the face of Spirit in Nature and look to the spirit world to guide me in my prcatice. Specifically I am a healer. And my healing specialty is using the electro-spiritual properties of various stones to help cure the ills and dis-eases of the human body though I'll take a crack at healing animals from time to time as well. I realize in this that it is not me weilding the healing power. I am mearly a conduit (as are the stones) for the energy of Spirit to flow through and right the things that are wrong.

Is that clear as mud? heheheheh

Jan. 16th, 2002 03:55 pm (UTC)
Is that clear as mud?
i was trying to think of some southern saying to reply to this, because clear and mud..just sounds like there would be a southern saying, guess i am not that southern.. thank god

and yes that did clear some things up.. thank you very much.

Jan. 16th, 2002 04:00 pm (UTC)
I'll make a bigger post on it tomorrow since it's been a while since I've really explained it.

Thanks for asking.


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