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Quiet Weekend

Got to the farm Friday night to find no snow at all. Someone had told me they had gotten 8 inches but I found the snow had missed them altogether and they got about 4 inches of rain instead. That pretty much put the damper on any plans to get out in the woods or cut more firewood since the fields would be very muddy. The warm temps lately melted the top layers of soil so they are loose dirt again in the fields and rain turns it to a big mud hole. I wasn't willing to get the truck or the tractor stuck in that so I just let it be. Went and paid some local bills for the farm, then went and got my hair cut. My stylist was impressed since my hair is now down past the middle of my back. She and Deb are always the ones that convince me to let it keep growing.

Got back to Rushville around 1 and went over to the bakery to get a peach pie. My treat to myself for doing well financially lately. Meaning I've not bounced a check since November. Went to see Gwen and Rob and see how their home improvement project is coming. Found out they were ready to finish their computer room so I went and got the 21" monitor I had promised them. I had two extra from the last batch the office had gotten rid of.

Afterwards, I went back home and since it had turned cold and windy again, I sat inside and sorted through 4 milk crates of photos, trying to organize them. I got through aybe 3/4 of one crate. Decided to organize them by what state they were taken in. It's as good a system as any I suppose. It's a little like trying to organize a record or CD collction. What are your criteria? Organizing them by state of course breaks up the sets that were all taken on a particular road trip, but if you organize them that way, you lose continuity for the ones that were taken just out in the garden or something. So far for the one crate, I've got piles for Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennesee, Virginia and North Carolina. I did deviate and make one pile for Philmont Scout Ranch out in New Mexico since I did spend whole summers there. I haven't even found the photos from other countries yet. I suppose that's good. Better to knock all the US states out first. Problem next will be where to put them all. I suppose I could spend hours scanning them all and put them on Photo CDs. Or Icould just put them all in albums but seriously, I've got hundreds of thousands of photos. I could fill a small room with albums. We';; have to see how much energy I have,

I did get a little wood cut from the stuff I drug up to the barnyard last week. And I ran some errands for my older relatives so they didn't have to go out in the cold. Sunday was really windy. I'm sure we've got some tree damage in the woods. I'll have to check next weekend.

Uncharacteristically, I also spent a bunch of time online this weekend chatting with evangelinaarionI guess I have a stereotype of people her age. And not a very good one at that. She was pleasantly surprising to me. I haven't spent that much time online in years. It's kind of fun to get to know people like that. Of course, it's pretty superficial because you lose out on the nuances of speech and it's easy to blunder into uncomfortable terrritory without really meaning too. A joke on one end comes of as serious on the other. It's why I've never really gotten too hooked on online communication. I much prefer face to face. Even when I used to be on all the time when I was in grad school, it was mostly with people I knew in real time as well. sometime I'll plan a road trip to meet all the folks on my LJ at once. It will be kind of an erratic route but I could maybe manage it in two weeks. Except for the trip to Australia of course.

I'm sitting at my desk now trying to organize the Carpentry project a little better and listening to the soem great sounds of Flamenco guitar that sherahi sent me. Some really cool stuff. I really should spend more time with other forms of music. I get stuck in a groove a lot of times.

I took the new crystals out of thier cleansing bath on saturday and let them dry in the direct sunlight all Sunday. I took some pics as well. They have somereally nice rainbows in them. I put the two pieces of aquamarine I just got, in the cleansing bath. By the weekend, the Arkansas mine should have sent me another 5 pounds of crystals. They will make soem nice gifts. I may sell some of the larger clusters on Ebay to make enough for more orders of stones. I really have more stones than I could ever use, so I guess I could sell some of them or give them as gifts.

I'm trying to make plans for Valentines day. The last year has been sort of rough on our relationship. A lot of taking each other for granted and I was getting tired of certain aspects and made some mistakes of my own about mid year. I'd say some aspects are much stronger now and some are in a rebuilding phase. Problem is, I have a meeting that night I can't get out of. So maybe I'll just rent us a jacuzzi suite at this bed and breakfast in down the road from the farm for the following weekend so we can spend some quality time in peace.

Oh well, back to the grind.




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Feb. 4th, 2002 11:05 am (UTC)
wow, i love being a sterotype! ( insert sarcasims here ) hehehe ... this is where you laugh...
Feb. 4th, 2002 12:10 pm (UTC)
Feb. 4th, 2002 12:11 pm (UTC)
Fortunately, you are quite differnt from the stereotype I have of your generation.

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