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Pre-Valentines Post

To all the folks down on V-Day....I'm sorry you are unhappy or alone or not getting any. If I could do anything about those things for you, I would. My wish for you is a pleasant sunny day with a good friend to talk to.

I don't really go all out for Deb on V-Day. I usually buy her a nice gem of some kind but I'm a little low on cash this year and she knows it. So I bought her a series of nine books she's been wanting to re-read from her childhood. It was an early present and she's re-read all of them already. So tomorrow, she will get to work to find a big bouquet of daisies on her desk. It's her favorite flower. And this weekend we are both getting out of town and heading to the farm for a much anticipated 3-day weekend. I've got a nice bottle of wine and we are going to have a picnic in the living room.

I'm a die hard romantic and I think it's really a cool thing that we both still like to do romantic things for each other after being together for over five years. Hell, when I was married, my wife had already shot me by the time we were together for five years so I think we are doing pretty damned good. No one has had to go to the hospital yet in this relationship and we've only gotten arrested once.

Deb says I'm her rock and I love being that for her. She's my anchor so it works out well.


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