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Sexual tension

Interesting weekend. Most of it was spent cleaning the house for the parental visit. I often forget how big that house is until I have to clean it all. 4 bedrooms and 2.5 stories can take awhile to clean. Deb and I had been steadily messing it up since the last parental visit in July. Leaving little bits of jewelry here and there while preparing for shows. I had a little cleaning outside as well since the wind was blowing in trash from the highway and leaves and such.

People kept coming by Saturday to interupt me. Grandpa came by about 1 to get out of the wind for a bit. We sat and watched Mission to Mars on Pay Per View. Then he left and I was doing dishes when Gwen, Deb's cousin came by. Her hubby and son were out hunting all weekend and she was bored. She asked if I wanted to take a break later that evening and go get a drink or something. She and I used to go out every Saturday before I met Deb. I lived on the farm full time then so I was always there. We hadn't done it in four years so I agreed but told her I couldn' t stay out all night because I still had cleaning to do. She agreed and said she would call me later.

She called around 8pm and I told her I would be at her house by 9. I needed to go to the store and get the fixins for chilli so Mom and Dad would have something hot to eat when they got in on Sunday. One of the nice things about Illinois in the winter is you can go to the store and then just leave your groceries in the truck for extended periods without worrying about spoilage. It was 17 degrees so I had no worries about the 3 lbs of ground beef I bought. That damned Ford truck of mine is a cold blooded beast and really didn't want to start. It finally heated up just before I got to Gwen's house.

Her husband Rob and son Evin had already gone to bed since they had to get up at 5 am to go hunting again. So Gwen and I drove off looking for a bar. Well's Fargo Tavern had a band called the Cowboy Punks but since there were so many out of town hunters around, we really didn't want to brave the crowds. So we ended up at a tidy little hole-in-the-wall called Rick and Rich's Tap. Funny that a town of only 3000 people has like five bars.

We ended up drinking beer and listening to old Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson tunes on the jukebox and just talking about what was going on in our lives. About the only time I can stand country music is when I'm in a down-at-the-heels bar drinking beer. And since I don't drink much lately, the three beers I had were giving me a pretty good buzz and loosening up my inhibitions somewhat. Gwen and I were flirting as usual. Sexual tension was pretty thick. She suggested we play the video gambling machine. So we were sitting pretty close. She was wearing a form fitting silk blouse and she smelled wonderful. I was eating it all up. Felt really good being around a beautiful woman who was paying just as much attention to me as I was to her. Of course nothing happened. We went back to her house and watched Real Sex on HBO which energized the atmosphere even more. We both knew we were teasing each otehr. We also both knew we are faithful to our mates and would never do anything about it. Eventually I started getting tired and went home. Fell asleep in the recliner and woke with a hangover. It was till a nice diversion though. I told Deb all about it and she just laughed at me and reminded me Gwen could easily drink me under the table. She had a phone call from an old friend that night and talked the night away. We both agreed the time away from each other was good for us.

The experience reminded me I need to liven things up with Deb. You get too comfortable living with another person after awhile and you forget to do those little things that keep you alive and make life interesting. I was happy for the reminder.



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Nov. 20th, 2000 03:49 pm (UTC)
Deb must be very trusting and yes its true you do get too comfortable living for someone after awhile.ive been married 19 years and sometimes things become boring and we have to spice up things by doing something different..
Nov. 20th, 2000 04:01 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure who she trusts more, me or her cousin. I think Gwen knows if she ever tried anything she'd incur the Wrath of Deb. But Gwen and I have been friends for five years and in fact she introduced Deb and I so I'm fairly confident it's all in fun. Although she does make me a little nervous on occasion.


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