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Today basically sucks so far. The fifth full day of Spring and we are having one of the worst snows we've had this year. It was truly nasty coming in to work this morning. Work would have been cancelled except we go on the same schedule the schools do and the big stuff didn't start coming down until after the busses started running so none of the office managers knew what to do about it I guess. Anyway, the weekend was nice.

Funny thing about relaxation. If I sit around the house all weekend doing nothing, I feel so guilty about not getting anything done. But if I go out fishing, I don't feel guilty at all. So that's what I did Saturday. I had a whole bunch of plans of what I was going to do but it only took one mention from Rob or going fishing and I was out the door and in the truck. We actually did less fishing and more driving around looking for places to go fishing. We stopped by Rob's dad's place and had a beer with Alvin and Bill while we all tried to figure out what was wrong withthe Allis Chalmers tractor. I swear it must have looked like a scene from "King of the Hill." 4 rednecks standing around with beers in their hands going, "Yup!"

Then Rob an I went down to Nolan's pond and cought some nice largemouths. Not enough for a fish fry so we let them go in Alvin's pond so we could catch them again later. On the way out of the pastrue I noticed a dead cow. The conversation went something like this. "Rob, does your dad know he has a dead cow?" "I don't know, you sure it's dead?" "Well most live cows I've ever seen aren't bloated like that and have thier front leg chewed off down to the bone." "Yup, that's a dead cow alright. Wanna kick it to make sure it's dead?" "nope, that's allright. You kick a dead cow like that and they tend to explode." "Yup!"

I don't know which is worse, seeing a dead cow or having seen them often enough, you know what happens when you kick them!

We drove around some then headed back to town to see if Robbie wanted to go out to the strip mine ponds with us. Robbie is so whipped, I swear. He was going with his wife to church for marriage counseling. I asked him how long he had been going and he said three months. I asked him if it had helped any and he said "no." So I told him he should just go fishing with us because he's get more good out of it. But we couldn't convince him. So we went on our own. Just as well I suppose because we would have had to listen to him bitch about his bad marriage the whole time.

So Rob and I went down to Doc's Dock and fished for bass some more. Didn't catch a damn thing but I think the water was still too cold because that pond is 30 feet deep or so. Went back to the house and ate some venison jerky waiting for Gwen to get home. She brought pizza and we watched a DVD and had pizza for dinner. Rob and I did some work on the planning for the North Carolina fireworks show. We wanted some different effects so we are thinking we might do a Niagra Falls, a string of 50,000 firecrackers, 20 ground bombs and a barrage of 2" Roman candles. Still a bunch of planning left to do and we still have $1700 left to spend on it. Should be fun ryl!

Sunday I actually worked. I got another fence row pulled out with the tractor and all the posts pulled from the previous work. Iworked until the rain started coming down. It smelled so clean and wonderful. But I'm glad i got that work done because the rain and snow will make the fields a mess. I also pulled in a whole elm tree that the wind storm last week had brought down over the fence. Tore my henads up on old rusty barbed wire though. Have I mentioned lately how glad I am to have gotten a tetanus shot recently?

Headed home fairly early but hit a fairly severe snowstorm in the process of getting really nasty. Took me three hours where it normallyt takes me 1 1/2 hours to get home. Did a web page fro the Bone Fire pics I took last week. They are here:


Now I'm sitting at work hoping they send us home.



PS - the guy who they sent on the Press OK instead of me is stuck on the runway at the St. Louis airport. See, I would have been halfway to the plant by now because I would have driven.


Mar. 25th, 2002 11:15 am (UTC)
I don't know which is worse, seeing a dead cow or having seen them often enough, you know what happens when you kick them!

I'd have to say the second one. Eew!!! I'm sure there's some perfectly sane reason you know this (well.... maybe......) but it sure makes for a bad mental picture!! Way to use common sense and not kick it.... !!!!!!
Mar. 25th, 2002 12:10 pm (UTC)
When i was working on this ranch in New Mexico one summer we had this swamp in front of our line cabin. I suppose it wasn't really a swamp, just a marshy place. Well anyway, this cow got stuck in it and we tried for a couple days to pull her out of there. To no avail, she finally sunk down so deep a helicopter would not have been able to lift her out and she had gone into shock anyway. So we had to shoot her. Well then the ranch headquarters was suposed to send up a couple of wranglers with big draft horses to try and pull the corpse out. So then it starts to rain and the the mud loosens up and the cow actually starts to float. After about a week, the wranglers finally get up there. Damned thing was stinking bad by then because the sun had shone on it for a couple days and it was badly bloated. So they get some ropes around it''s neck and back legs and one of our guys wades in to tighten one of the leg ropes. He props his leg against the belly and the damn thing pretty much explodes and talk about a bad smell. It was kind of like when the shark exploded in Jaws only not that violent. More like a really loud fart. So then, they try and pull what's left of it out and the head comes off. We ended up pulling it out in about 20 pieces and burning the whole thing. Still took a week for the smell to fade.

A year after I got here to Illinois one of my calves (baby cow an not my lower leg) got struck by lightning on evening. It laid there a couple days in July heat before I found it. So like an idiot, I kicked it to see if it was really dead and it exploded too. It's kinda like one of those old common sense things in farm country. Don't kick a dead cow (or any livestock for that matter) and don't piss on an electric fence. Thing is almost everyone I know, knows those things because they actually did it.



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